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Mercedes S-Class Ireland


Exterior design

Elegant poise and assurance.
The charismatic exterior is impressive with its intensive radiance of status and prestige – particularly the front with new optional MULTIBEAM LED headlamps now looks even more distinctive.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Comfort


Comfort & Safety

There are so many technologies that make our life faster. In the new S-Class Saloon one piece of equipment is premièring that can stop the world for a moment: ENERGIZING comfort control[1] means the intelligent combination and activation of colours, sounds, lights, scents and even seat massages. Small impulses vitalise or relax and can thereby increase your levels of performance.

The Integral Safety Concept from Mercedes-Benz divides vehicle safety into four phases:

Phase 1: safe driving.

Most accidents start long before the actual collision: with a lapse in concentration, poor visibility or hazards which cannot be anticipated. That's why the Mercedes-Benz safety concept employs a range of measures to support safe driving in everyday operation and to help you bring critical situations under control.

Phase 2: in the event of danger.

Mercedes-Benz stands for automotive safety. That's why our vehicles can support their passengers even in critical driving situations, so that every journey is as safe as it can possibly be.

Phase 3: in an accident.

Cars from Mercedes-Benz have a large number of safety systems to prevent accidents. Should the worst come to the worst, however, an extensive number of protective measures can come into play. They provide protection for you and your passengers as well as for other road users.

Phase 4: after an accident.

To reduce consequential damage after an accident and support the work of the rescue services, a number of different actions are initiated, depending on the type and severity of the accident. Assisting emergency services after an accident is an important part of the safety philosophy of Mercedes-Benz.

Eye-catching lighting: The hazard warning lights and interior emergency lighting can be automatically activated, to prevent secondary accidents and make it easier for rescue teams to find the vehicle involved in the accident.
Automatic venting: if an airbag is deployed, the power windows are lowered automatically.
Best possible protection: The engine can be turned off automatically and the fuel supply can be cut off.
Better rescue possibilities: Crash joints between the wing and the door can make opening the doors after a frontal collision easier.
Easy opening: After an accident the doors can be unlocked automatically to make it easier for the occupants or rescue workers to open them.
Helpful connection: in the event of an accident or breakdown, the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system (in conjunction with a connected mobile phone) can automatically contact an emergency call centre.



S-Class Exterior


Exterior – fascinatingly familiar

No other luxury saloon so confidently treads the path between style and status. Finely drawn lines and striking details make the new S-Class Saloon appear even more present, without ever being intrusive.

The new radiator trim is designed with three double fins in chrome. Upon request, the MULTIBEAM LED headlamps, with three striking, exclusive light flares, give the front even more character. 

The new S-Class Saloon is also impressive from the side. The elegant, dome-shaped roofline creates space and class. The bumpers present themselves as sporty with voluminous front air inlets. At the rear, integrated tailpipe trims and LED bicolour tail lamps with a refined crystal look.

Interior - new technology, old values

The interior of the new S-Class Saloon allows you to forget the outside world – with fine surfaces and tasteful materials. Seemingly free-hanging displays and open-pore woods fascinate both visually and haptically.

Every look and feel in the new S-Class Saloon is a luxury experience and makes the pure passion for car-making tangible. Up to 300 power-saving LEDs illuminate the interior, while COMAND Online controls the brightness of each individual LED. This is the requirement for ambience lighting with 64 colours: it forms the light with unique variety and sets the tone for the interior like a work of art.

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