Kia & Mercedes Genuine Parts 

During your car ownership you may need to replace a part. When that happens we recommend using Kia and Mercedes Genuine Parts. Genuine Parts are engineered to precise and exact standards by the manufacturer, matching the original specification of the vehicle. Non genuine parts can sometimes be less reliable leading to more frequent replacement and labour costs. This may compromise the performance of your car, and may also invalidate your warranty. 



Engine Air Filter

The engine air filter protects the engine by preventing dust, pollen, mould and bacteria from entering the system. Large filter capacity keeps the engine clean, improving fuel efficiency, and reducing wear and tear on the engine and carbon emissions.




Genuine Batteries are built specifically for your car according to the highest standards to suit your cars needs. By perfectly matching the exact specifications of the original battery they ensure a smooth ride



Tyres and Rims

Tyres and rims provide the only contact between your vehicle and the road. The condition of your tyres is very important for ensuring good road holding and an optimum braking distance.


Brake Pads and Discs

Genuine Brake Pads offer dependable and consistent braking performance. In combination with Genuine brake discs, they ensure stable braking force during high-speed driving and repeated braking. Rigorously tested to ensure comfort, safety, performance and durability.




Timing Belt

The timing belt keeps the entire operation of the engine running smoothly and synchronized while you drive. It is therefore important to ensure that your timing belt is of high quality and made specifically for your cars needs. 


Oil Filter 

The Oil Filter allows clean oil to enter the engine and to carry away heat from critical areas of your car. It also reduces engine noise and combats rust and corrosion.



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